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Wine Storage Rack: Preserve your Wines the Right Way - Withmywine

Many American families become flustered with the increasing amount of wine bottles in their home. A new question is arising: where do you store the exquisite elixir awaiting its consumption?  

In the past, owning a wine storage rack wasn’t necessarily common. Crafted and designed by the best hardwood master workers, wine storage racks simply became a luxury that only a few people could afford. As time passed, this notion has considerably changed. The selling of attractive and serviceable wine racks has become affordable.

Today, wine storage racks are crafted in diverse materials, ranging from plastics to metals and particleboards. Particleboards are not the ideal option, as it’s vulnerable to moisture damage. However, the metal and plastic racks‘ durability is limited. Most wine racks are designed to stand firm on the floor or suspend from the house ceiling. The storage capacity of wine storage racks made from wood materials can also be extended to fit the needs of an increasing wine collection.

Mahogany- and maple-made wine storage racks are also ideal materials to craft wine racks from and can be purchased from home furnishing centers. There are storage kits that you can build a wine storage rack. For this type of wine storage rack, the wood packed in the kit is pre-drilled. The bolts and the wrench are contained in the kit, so assembly is very simple and fast.

One important consideration when buying or building a wine storage kit is its design. Most wine bottles are sealed with corks. When the cork gets dry, it will noticeably affect the texture and flavor of the wine, as air may enter the inside of the bottle. It will destroy the wine as the air penetrates the bottle. You must choose a wine storage rack where the bottles are placed horizontally. This method wets the corks constantly, preventing moist and shrinkage.   

Wine storage racks that have rows of tunnels are ideal. Inserting bottles of wine on their sides is done in order to prolong the fine taste of the wine and helps maintain its texture for a long time. However, bottles that are sealed with wax require a vertical wine storage rack, or their content will spill. And no one wants an empty wine bottle.