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Understanding Wine Prices and Quality

Whether you’re at the grocery store or specialty wine shop, finding a good wine for any occasion is intimidating and confusing. You have different colors, styles, and countries of origin and hen there’s the different bottles and boxes. Several different things go into...
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Wine Tasting For Your Wedding? Tips For Your Big Day

Wine tastings are a great way to select the perfect wines to pair with your wedding menu and add a personalized touch. You can choose regional varieties, reds, whites, or even champagne to offer your guests a selection of beverages for different parts of the event. ...
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Seven Best Types Of Red Wines And What Facts To Know

Red wine varieties seem endless, so it's hard to choose the best of the best. We put together a list of the seven best red wines based on their popularity in the US. This list includes three honorable mentions as well so that no one hoping to step into the red wine...
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I’ve been bartending for several years in multiple restaurants and always had a passion for wine. Understanding its complexities and what pairs best with what wine. I’m still no expert, but watch along as I share my experience and learn what works as well as what doesn’t (which will probably make for better videos).