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The Ultimate Guide for Choosing a Wine Rack - Withmywine


When you decide to start a wine collection you have to decide where to put all of your wine. Some wine enthusiasts prefer a cooler or refrigerator, but that only goes so far. Rather than just keeping your wine in the crate it came in, sometimes designing your own space to display can be a lot of fun! If your collection is big enough you might even need to dedicate a whole room or cellar to your wine collection.

When deciding which kind of storage to use for your wine collection there are many choices that could make it overwhelming. Don’t worry, because you are not alone. With the wide variety of styles, colors, size, and capacity the decision of how to store your favorite wines becomes a tough one. To help you make this decision just a little bit easier, we put together a Wine Rack Buying Guide. When it comes to finding the right wine storage for you, you must take into consideration a couple of different things before making plans to buy a wine rack.

1. Capacity30006

The whole purpose of buying a wine rack is to make sure that you have enough spaces for all of your wines. For those with a large collection of wine you might not want to buy a small shelf rack, but instead materials to build a wine cellar. Not only does it matter how many bottles of wine are usually in your collection, it also depends on the type of wine you choose to drink. Certain wine bottles won’t fit into standard wine racks. Most larger bottles, champagne bottles and some pinot noirs and chardonnays require a larger space. Not just the size of the bottle, but the type of wine matters too. Some whites are very finicky and require a cool space to be in. If you need an 8 bottle wine rack you will be looking for completely different characteristics than if you needed a 100 bottle wine rack.

2. Materials

Another thing to consider when thinking about how to store your collection of wine is the material of the wine rack. Most are made of wood, but some are made from heavy metal wire or glass. For a more modern look you can try finding a stainless steel wine rack and for a more rustic look you could always get a wrought iron wine rack. Looking at the materials gives you an idea of the quality of the product itself. If you buy a cheap wine rack just be aware that it might be susceptible to break. You want to make sure that you have a good quality wine rack, table or shelf so that it doesn’t fall. If you are unsure of how to check for quality the thickness of the wood or metal wires is a good place to start. For long term use a thicker material is probably best.

3. Where to Put it

The perfect wine collection deserves the perfect spot in your home, right? When you are thinking about giving your wine collection a proper home you must put a lot of thought into where you are going to put it. Many people make the mistake of keeping their wine in the kitchen. This is not good because in the kitchen there is a lot of sunlight and variation in temperature. These two things could very easily ruin any wine. Typically wine is stored in the coolest part of the home, often times the basement or even in a wine cooler. Just like you would allow your wine to “breathe” on the countertop before you drink it, the same thing can be said about where wine is stored. You must allow your wine to be in a well ventilated and evenly balanced room. Not too humid and not too cold. There are so many different types of wine bottle holders. You can buy wine racks or cabinets that can be mounted on the wall or hung under the bar. If you want a custom wine rack that fits into a corner you can probably find a company to custom make one for you.

4. What style of wine storage do you want?wine-cask-009

Let’s face it. There are many different styles and designs of wine racks and stands that you could fit into the decor of your home. There are free standing wine racks, wine shelves, cabinets, and coolers. Do you want your wine collection hanging on a wall? Do you want it underneath your bar or hanging overhead? Some wine racks hold glasses. Some standing racks are made of barrels or shelves. Some are made from metal. Some wine racks are short and some are tall, so the dimensions that you want are important to remember. Some wine cabinets might even extend to the top of the ceiling. There are tons of different options as far as storage and that is just another thing you should consider before buying a wine rack.

5. Price

If you are thinking about how to properly store your collection of wine that you love, there’s a great chance that you will be willing to pay the money it takes to preserve and take care of your wine. If not, you need to set a budget before looking at wine racks or wine storage. Determining the budget will also help to determine the kinds of materials, the place you will purchase, and often times the size of the wine rack. If you are looking to invest less money in a wine rack you are probably limited as to what you can choose. If you would prefer to find a budget friendly wine rack you could probably find some wine rack kits from Amazon or Walmart that would be within your price range. Even on sale at a place that sells fancy wine racks might even be the place to go. Wine storage is just as much an investment as the wine is, so it’s better to find some that protects and preserves your wine.

6. Assembly or DIY

When you think about spending the money to buy a product to organize your wine, you should think about how handy you are with the toolbox. If you want to get an extravagant and decorative wine cooler or rack you might need to think about what it takes to put it all together and if you can handle it or not. If you find one that’s difficult to put together you might need to gather some of your handy-man friends. If it’s as simple as getting a cabinet to mount on the wall you should be okay through video tutorials and online or in the box instructions. Some people even choose to get wine rack kits that are simple to put together. If you want to hire a company to construct a completely custom wine cellar or rack, you can just ignore this part.

wine16If you are super handy and like to do things yourself, you can probably find some really cool ideas online and on Pinterest of some unique DIY wine rack projects made of all kinds of inexpensive products that you can find around your home or at the store. Not only with a DIY wine rack can you say that you made it yourself, you can also easily personalize it the way you would like it to. Whether that’s by painting it black, white, blue or red or adding your own touches DIY projects allow you to get a little creative with it.

Crafting and making your own homemade wine rack could be a fun project for the whole family. You can make wine shelves or racks out of records, lattice, standing bakers racks, stackable cubes, or even from old pallets. The list can go on and on. Using some reclaimed barn wood, rope and wine bottles you can make your very own mountable wine rack like this one on the left. It’s super simple yet functional and pleasing to the eye. And the good thing is, you don’t have to be overly artsy with it if you don’t want to.

You might be thinking when it comes to DIY projects, this option might not be for you. Especially if you have tried a do-it-yourself project before that didn’t turn out like it was supposed to. If you are on a tight budget there are so many different ideas and wine racks that you can build for your home. Whether intricate or easy, there is definitely one out there that you can realistically make if you really want to.

Designing your wine storage is just like picking out furniture for your house or finding the right car. There are many different options available for you to pick from. You could make your own DIY wine rack, buy one from Ikea, or build a complex and custom wine cellar. With so many possibilities finalizing your choice can be tough. This wine rack buying guide will hopefully help the process much easier.