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Proimb Wine Saver Pump w/ 4 Rubber Stoppers - Withmywine

Proimb Wine Saver Pump w/ 4 Rubber Stoppers


Help your opened bottles of wine last longer, with this vacuum pump to keep the oxygen from spoiling your wine. Don’t worry about switching between wines you want to enjoy while you’ve already opened another. Go ahead and open those two whites without thinking one of them is going to waste.


  • It’s Easy To Use – Just 3 Simple steps to preserve the wine. Step one plug with the rubber stopper. Step 2 use the pump until you hear it click. Step 3 store it.
  • Sturdy Design – I’ve used plenty of plastic wine pumps in restaurants and there is always a possibility and concern that you’re going to break the dang thing. A stainless steal pump means you can drop it and not have to worry about breaking your pump.
  • No Pinching – It sounds silly, “Why would I worry about pinching my fingers on a pump.” But when your trying to real quick pump the wines and move on, it’s actually really easy to get a finger caught in the valve. I compare the feeling to getting a paper cut between your fingers, seriously it’s no fun. With the little extra space between the handles you can pump with confidence.


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