Apothic Red Blend

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A blend of Zinfandel, Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon that produces a bold fruity and sweet flavor.


About This Red Blend

The Good Stuff

  • This red blend is a great priced wine for any sweet wine drinkers.
  • This red has low acidity, full body and a short silky finish. Light tannins balance the dark color of the wine and the mouthfeel.

The Bad Stuff

  • “Tannins almost non existent. It wasn’t bad but neither was it good. Not my style.” – Paul
  • Many people who don’t prefer sweet wines say that this is a super sweet wine. This could be bad or good depending on your taste in wines.

Critic Reviews

“I don’t usually like red wines but I have to admit that I loved this mix of several red wines. The bouquet of blends was perfect. We had it at our Christmas meal with Raviolis and my son-in-law and I finished the bottle ourselves. It was the perfect complement wine to pasta and sauce. It made our Christmas Day meal wonderful.” – Poppy the Wine Critic

“I love this wine. It’s such a smooth and full bodied wine that pairs with almost anything. It has a strong dark cherry flavor up front and leaves a nice peppery finish. It’s a blend of Zinfandel, Merlot, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon which has been perfected to highlight the best notes of each of those varietals. The nice lush mouthfeel of a merlot, that rich spice of cabernet, the full dark fruit of zinfandel, and the medium fruit of syrah that makes it a deliciously complex wine. My favorite pairing with this wine is a red meat dish with a very savory flavor like beef stroganoff and some asparagus (just cooked with olive oil and you can dip it in your stroganoff sauce), or Coq au Vin with egg noodles and a winter greens salad with red wine vinaigrette.” – Derek Bryant

Additional information

Flavor Profile

This bold red blend includes hints of black cherry, vanilla, and mocha with flavors of ripe fruit and smooth blueberry.

Wine Pairings

This red wine pairs well with any recipe for salmon, chicken marsala, and any red meat. Pairs very well with any spicy dish.

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