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How to Choose the Right Wine Glass - Withmywine

Using the proper wine glass can enhance the taste of wine. Here’s a guide to using the correct glass for your favorite libation. Be sure to get the most out of each glass you drink.

Wine glasses come in three sections: the foot, the stem and the bowl. Each one of these sections has a purpose. The shape of a wine glass can considerably affect the taste.

An important part of cuisine etiquette is the proper use of wine glasses. The stem of the glass, determines how the glass should be held. It’s not just for social or elegance purposes. Scientifically, the stem is used as to NOT affect the temperature of the wine.

If you grasp the wine glass at the bowl, your hand temperature can negatively impact the wine’s temperature and taste, by unintentionally raising the temperature. It will also prevent fingerprints on the glass.

When selecting a wine glass, choose the correct bowl shape. Basically, there are three types of wine glasses (bowl shapes): champagne flute, white wine glass and red wine glass.

Red wine glasses are characterized by having a wider and rounder bowl that gives the beverage a passage to breathe. This design also lets the wine to quickly cool after it has been in contact and warmed by the drinker. They have two styles: Bordeaux and Burgundy. 

Glasses for white wine are narrower with tulip-shaped or straight sides. Its narrowness lets a chilled white wine keep its temperature.

Champagne wine glasses are tall, with a narrow bowl, tapering at the top. This design is intended for the sparkling wines to remain desirable when consumed.

Meanwhile, ISO standardized some wine tasting glasses. They are stemmed in shape with tapered, elongated bowls, having the capacity of 410, 300, 210 or 120 milliliters.