Electric Wine Bottle Opener, Sokos Professional Electric Wine Bottle Corkscrew Screwpull Opener

Tired of using your arm strength right before drinking a nice glass of wine? Me too. This electric wine bottle opener is a super easy-to-use wine accessory every wine collector needs. This simple device will remove the cork of your wine bottle with the push of a button in 7 seconds. It illuminates when it’s in use and when you’re finished you can stick it in the dishwasher for an easy clean.

The ORIGINAL ice-free 3 in 1, Wine Bottle Chilling Stick SET: Pour Spout, Aerator and Chilling Rod. A MUST-HAVE chiller bar accessory

This wine accessory is a perfect gift for any wine collector out there. This 3-in-1 chilling rod is ice free and has a built in pouring spout and aerator. Not only is this device a new and innovative, but it’s easy to use too! All you have to do it place the chilling rod in your freezer for about 1 hour. Then when you’re ready for some wine time, open your bottle of wine and pour about an inch and a half out into a glass. Screw the chilling rod onto you pouring spout and insert it into the bottle. You can then pour your chilled wine slowly into your wine glass to enjoy!

Wine Corkscrew, Han Shi User-friendly Wine Accessories Corkscrew Wine Opener Ergonomic Manual Bottle Opener Corkscrew(Model 1)

This durable and sleek bottle opener has an ergonomic grip to provide optimum comfort. It stands vertically without the need for a separate base stand and is built to last. This bottle opener fits any wine bottle so you won’t run into any bottles you can’t open. Phew!

BEST Corkscrew Parrot Shaped Wine and Bottle Opener with Wine Stopper Cork

This parrot shaped wine opener is for your quirky side, or should I say corky side. This two-stage wine opener allows for an easy open for any wine bottle. Not only does this wine opener have a super cute design but it’s practicality makes this wine opener one to buy. It can open beer and wine bottles. Its head cutter cuts the foil and the coil removes the cork fluidly.

Coravin One Wine System, Cobalt Blue/White/Grey

This new device entering the wine world is a great product that allows your wine to age naturally. The Coravin Wine Needle prevents cork damage and allows the user to reseal the bottle easily with no hassle. It’s super easy to use and the load cell technology requires the user to only have to press the trigger in order to pressurize the bottle. The design of the device allows an airtight seal, preventing any gas from exiting. The ergonomic handle and angled spout make the wine pouring easy. The soft grips secure the neck of the bottle that secures the hold and allows for an easy pour.