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Watch the video below to see why Wine Awesomeness is one of the best subscriptions available:

Top 3 Benefits for You:

Curated Selection of Fine Wines

Don't worry yourself about whether your picking good wines or swill. The folks at Wine Awesomeness do a great job of putting together a top notch selection of wines in each box to help you expand your horizons and experience new wines.

Receive Expert Notes & Pairings

I have to be fair and admit that I love the tasting notes and the pairing suggestions that come with each box of wine. They help build an experience around tasting each wine. The little pamphlet has awesome nuggets of knowledge for the aspiring connoisseur. 

Excellent Value

Not only are these exceptional wines from around the world and from some of the best vineyards, they are also at a price point that all of us can manage. Good luck getting these kind of wines for $15 at the local store. Their so confident about this in fact....

The WA Gaurantee

It's an incredible boast. They'll give you a year free if you can recreate one of their boxes for less! (This does also include shipping) I've included the link for details about this but they're serious

best offer

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