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Wine Accessories: Make a Fashion Statement with your Wine - Withmywine

Your favorite smartphone has a bunch of add-ons you can purchase to make it a fashion statement all it’s own. The bedazzled case and now virtual reality glasses enhance the experience and fun you have with your phone. Wine accessories can add to the fun and overall experience of drinking and enjoying wine with friends and family. Accessories can make your wine bottle a fashion statement all its own.

There are many companies making wine accessories. Some wine accessories are affordable, made for usability and practicality. But there are also luxurious versions of these wine accessories intended for special occasions. They can be used at home or given as gifts.

Bottle holders are a perfect example. Wine enthusiasts will seek out bottle holders. Aside from being a decorative vessel, wine holders can keep the wine at an optimal temperature. It can be filled with ice to keep the wine cold or hot towels to keep the wine warm. Wine holders are available in many materials and designs. They are great additions for the wine lover and drinker.

Another common wine accessory is a coaster. A coaster is placed under the bottle to catch condensation dripping from a cold bottle of wine. This would protect the table’s surface from water stains. Wine coasters are available in a variety of materials, ranging from silver, pewter, wood and ceramics.

Bottle stoppers are a convenient wine accessory that also makes a perfect gift. A bottle stopper is a cork that is inserted into a decorative pewter or ceramic figurine. This makes a bottle of wine more attractive on the table.

Corkscrews are essential wine accessories. They resemble thick springs with a sharp, pointed end. Corkscrews are used to drill into the cork. The tool is then twisted until the top of the cork touches the handle or the base of the corkscrew. The cork is then pulled up. This can be done by hand or with the help of a lever. Some corkscrews are also designed so that the cork can be placed back inside the wine bottle.

Wine decanters, made of either crystal or glass, are also beautiful accessories. These are decorative bottles that look more elegant and classy than normal wine bottles. These serving vessels vary in shapes and sizes, however, they typically hold one standard bottle of wine.

Wine glasses are essential wine accessories. They come in all sizes and shapes. In fact, wine enthusiasts should buy different kinds of wine glasses. That’s because certain glasses are specifically made for certain wines. Check out our article to learn how to choose the right wine glass.