Lets face it, if you are of age, it’s highly likely that you have played a drinking party game before. But do you know that there are drinking games aside from all of the ones you might have played in college? Out of all of the party games, wine tasting games or wine party games out there how many have you actually enjoyed? Now you can look no further for a wine game that you will like.

With Read Between the Wines!, you can still have fun with your friends, in a more classy way. This wine drinking game is perfect for those who are tired of beer stealing the party all of the time. 3d7e74_e2f204daeeb645568a1cb87cef7df9a9

This wine game is very similar to the popular, Cards Against Humanity card game, but with the addition of wine.  In the game, you sample a different wine for each round and write down your answer to the theme that is chosen for that round. The wine waiter or the “judge” picks the best answer for each round. You can play until the wine or creativity runs out.

Out of all of the wine games you could possibly play, this one is great for a group of friends to laugh and have a good time.

Your next party will for sure, be a buzz of fun with Read Between the Wines!

This wine board game is great for a girls night out, picnic game, or even just for a date night with friends. It will definitely keep your next get together alive and memorable. The game includes questions such as:

  • “This wine would be the lead singer for…”
  • “If this wine had a job, what would it do?”
  • “Compare this wine to a celebrity”

With silly questions and extremely unique answers Read Between the Wines will for sure have you and your friends “buzzing” with laughter.

This game is great for any friend or family member who loves to laugh and of course, loves wine.

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I am not a board game lover but decided to give this game a try because it involves something that I do happen to love…wine. But I have to say, I also now just love this game. We had such a fun time coming up with goofy descriptions of the wine and literally laughed the whole way through. So for those who are normally ‘bored’ by board games…this one might just be for you!

Vanessa Friedman