Just like everything else in today’s society, wine glasses have come a long way. Now you can take them on the go, they are dishwasher safe and have many cool features. Some are aerating glasses and some are sleek and elegant in design. When you think about wine glasses you can’t forget the ever-so popular and iconic stemless wine glasses. Many people rave about the design and the fun looks to these wine glasses.

With the number of different wine glasses out there, you will find some that will change the way you look at drinking wine. Before we get to the fun part, let’s answer a few common questions you might have about wine glasses and the art of wine drinking.

Do You Need Different Glasses for Reds and Whites?

If you have ever wondered why there are different types of glasses for different drinks, just know that there is a reason behind it. The glass that a red wine goes into, caters to the fullness that most red wines have. White wines typically don’t need a lot of space for the flavors and aromas to mix within the glass, hence smaller white wine glasses.

What’s the Deal with Aeration?

You can find wine spout aerators, glass aerators and other ways to give your wine some air. So what’s the big deal with wine aeration? By aerating a wine it allows the flavors and aromas to be more bold. The aeration of a wine starts oxidation and evaporation that gets rid of the undesirable aspects of the wine such as sulfites and ethanol. Because no one wants a wine that smells like rubbing alcohol or burnt matches.

Just because there are different things that you should consider before pouring yourself a glass of wine doesn’t mean that you have to be picky about the little things. Some nice establishments have just a red wine glass and that doesn’t bother most people. So don’t spend too much time worrying about your friend putting white wine in a larger glass.

Nowadays there are so many wine glasses out there for you to purchase. The new thing seems to be stemless wine glasses so we wanted to give you a list of stemless wine glasses so that you could keep up with the “in-crowd”. Here’s a list of 10 stemless wine glasses that will start a conversation before your wine will.


1. Raye Rolling Crystal Glasses – $22.00

Glasses that make a statement are always a must in any wine lovers’ cabinet. Nothing fits better than a pair of rolling glasses that showcase the specialties of your fine wine and other drinks.


2. School Yard Wine Glass- $9.00

What is more perfect than a wine glass that you and your guests can personalize? Put your own personal touch to your wine glass simply with a piece of chalk. This glass is perfect for any occasion. For a picnic outside, a family reunion or just a small get together with friends. There’s nothing better than personalized stemless wine glasses that you can change for each use.


3. Aerating Wine Glass Set – $11.00

The ridges on the inside of the glass perfectly mixes oxygen and wine to leave your wine more flavorful than before. Not only do these glasses add design and style to your wine glass, they serve a functional purpose in aerating your wine.


4. HOST Freeze Cooling Wine Glasses – $25.00

With the HOST Freeze Cooling Wine Glasses you don’t have to worry anymore about keeping your wine chilled. The cooling gels that are built into the glasses can keep your wine cool after only 2 hours in the freezer. These glasses are perfect for any type of wine.


5. Flexi Stemless Wine Glass Set – $8.00

Never worry about  breaking another glass again. With these plastic stemless wine glasses you can enjoy your favorite wines on the patio or at any BBQ cookout.


6. Silicone Rubber Wine Glasses – $16.00

These shatterproof silicone wine glasses make it easy to have your favorite wine, cocktail or beer by the pool. Take this collapsible cup anywhere you go. With these rubber glasses you don’t have to worry about your drink tasting funny or glass stains.


7. Stemless Wine Glasses with Quotes – $19.99

Summer doesn’t have to end quite so soon. These wine glasses are fun and great for a night with the girls. You can use these during the summer or even to add a pop of color during the winter.


8. Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glasses – $34.99

You can not go wrong with these modern and sturdy wine glasses. They can add a bit of style to your night while holding your wine at the same time.


9. Double-wall Stemless Wine Glasses – $29.99

With a double wall these glasses are insulated to keep your wine cool, longer. Does condensation on your glass bug you? Don’t “sweat it” with these glasses. Made from high quality glass this set of 4 glasses is a great way to make drinking wine more visually appealing.


10. Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses – $56.00

Let’s be honest. This stemless wine glass is probably one of the coolest ones you have ever seen. It’s like a fountain of wine, in a cup. These glasses are great for entertaining and “wowing” your friends.

Sure there are other cool wine glasses out there. There are disposable stemless wine glasses, acrylic stemless wine glasses and monogrammed stemless wine glasses. With tons of options we wanted to narrow down some affordable and great ones for you to choose from!

Drinking wine is never boring. Especially when you have uniquely designed glasses and friends to enjoy it with. For any occasion these wine glasses are great for entertaining and dining in style. These make for great housewarming gifts, birthday gifts, or just a little treat for yourself.